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The Forum Building – Mandela Square

Sandton Upgrade common areas, lighting “energy efficient LED downlights in all foyers & bathrooms, LED strip lighting to outline feature bulkheads and mirror backlights. Smoke detection, alarms and fire telephones.

The Innovation Group, Randburg

Access Control, incorporating Point of sale for canteen management, CCTV, Door monitoring, Server room smoke detection and Inergen Gas suppression.

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Our latest Division “Resource Management “, slots perfectly into the Triple Bottom Line concept. That is caring for our Planet. Watch this space, the energy management sub section will be launched in the last quarter of the financial year. We have the experience and have been involved with Energy Management projects as early as 1981.

Past applications include the supply & installations of PLC controlled energy management systems to manage the usage and demand of Electricity. We are the ideal partner as we are not linked to any specific technology and /or brand, but have the skills to recommend a holitsic approach that best suits our clients requirements.

General Info

We are striving to associate our business with the 21st Century Phrase “Triple Bottom Line” ie. Planet, People & Profit.
Whilst keeping to our mission statement to be the preferred partner in the property management sector we choose to concentrate at producing a balanced “Triple bottom line”, rather than just maximising (owner) profit.

Planet Environmental sustainability.
People Social responsibility, including fair labour practices, assisting in the economic development of staff, training and investing in the community. Insisting on good and fair corporate governance procedures.
Profit Economic Prosperity