Still Contractors at Grass Roots Level

Company Profile

R.A.P.S. systems, was formed in 1998. We are committed to provide a professional cost effective service in the Retail, Commercial and Industrial property sector. We specialize in providing solutions for Electronic, Electrical, Resource Management and Property Maintenance.

We have the necessary management skills and financial backing to ensure service delivery. A 24-hour maintenance and call out facility is available for contracted clients, a detailed S.L.A. “Service Level Agreement” document is available. Our company’s most valuable resource is our staff and we promote the development of their skills at all levels. This is apparent in our current B-BBEE scorecard.

Our skills are extended to consulting engineers, facility managers, landlords and tenants. That is the design, project management, installation, testing, commissioning, training and maintenance of these services. Our aim is to create long-term relationships with our clients without compromising on accepted corporate governance ethics.

Whilst keeping to our mission statement “to be the preferred contractor in the property sector…”.We should be the ideal choice as we are not linked to any specific technology and /or brand, but have the skills to recommend a holistic approach that best suits our clients requirements.

We choose to concentrate at producing a balanced “Triple bottom line”, rather than just maximizing (owner) profit and strive to associate our business with the 21st Century Phrase “Triple Bottom Line“ i.e. Planet, People & Profit.

Planet Environmental sustainability.
People Social responsibility, including fair labour practices, assisting in the economic development of staff, training and investing in the community. Insisting on good and fair corporate governance procedures.
Profit Economic Prosperity